Montgomery Blair High School PTSA MiniGrants Program 2019-2020

For information about the 2019-2020 Blair PTSA Minigrants program and its recipients, please contact the Minigrants Coordinator.

The review period for Blair PTSA Minigrants is underway. No more applications are being received at this time.

The purpose of the PTSA MiniGrants is to fund innovative, informative and inspirational projects for Blair High School students that go above and beyond traditional opportunities. These Guidelines should help you determine whether MiniGrants is the right opportunity.

This year, we are seeking proposals that:

  1. Offer tangible benefits to current and future Blair students
  2. Engage students from underserved populations who might not traditionally benefit from opportunities at Blair
  3. Demonstrate broad academic and curricular value
  4. Articulate a compelling need for funding.

The MiniGrants Committee will prioritize projects that directly benefit students over those seeking support for school infrastructure improvements or can be accomplished with alternate funding.

Three types of award levels will be available for the 2019-20 academic year:

  • Community Grants which provide benefit to the entire school, an entire grade or a minimum of 200 students. Funding levels up to $600.
  • Academic Grants which support the educational development of at least 75 students. Funding levels up to $450.
  • Student and Extracurricular Grants which specifically champion student-led activities or extracurricular clubs. Funding levels up to $250.

Please consider the following criteria when putting together your application:

  1. Completeness of information and supporting documentation.
  2. Beneficiaries:
    • Number of students.
    • Potential benefit for underserved student populations including but not limited to ESOL, Special Education, others considered “at risk.”
  3. Academic department representation:
    • Percentage of total applications and total annual awards from any given department.
    • Interdepartmental projects (including shared equipment) will be given special consideration.
  4. Enduring benefit to MBHS and Blair students.
  5. Alternative funding match sources, when available.

Application Process

All applicants must use the online application available at and be current PTSA members.
The online application walks applicants through approximately 15 different questions, most of them short answer. Applicants should describe their affiliations, their proposed projects, how students will benefit, and how much funding is being requested.

Applications are due by 11:59pm EST on Friday, September 27, 2019. Once the application has been successfully submitted, a time and date stamp will be linked with the application. Do not wait until the last minute! Please note that applications that are submitted late or incomplete will not be considered for funding. Applicants will receive confirmation emails once their applications have been successfully submitted.

There are two stages to the review process.

During threshold review, all applicants will be screened to ensure that the proposals comply with the required date of submission, adequate supporting documentation, instances of duplication, prioritization, and PTSA membership status. Each application is expected to stand on its own merits and clearly present an accurate and complete description of the proposed project. In limited cases, the MiniGrants Committee may ask for clarifying information regarding the proposed project from a school subject matter expert.

During program review, the members of the MiniGrants Committee will review and evaluate every application that passes threshold review. The MiniGrants Review Committee will meet to discuss the applications and determine the final portfolio of programs recommended for funding, and the recommended funding amounts for each individual project.

The MiniGrants Chair will submit award and allocation recommendations to the PTSA Executive Board for final approval. After approval is granted, applicants will be notified of their award status via e-mail to the individual established as the primary contact for the application.

MiniGrant funds must be used only for the project/item proposed in the original application. Reimbursement will only be paid for expenses incurred during the current MiniGrant cycle.

Reporting will encompass two phases. First, each MiniGrant representative will complete a mid-year “Progress Update,” consisting of a brief and standardized form about the project’s status. After the proposed project is complete, grantees must submit a brief “Impact Statement” describing the effectiveness and influence of the project, as well as a digital photograph representing the project to the MiniGrants committee. The project may not be considered complete or full funding distributed until the impact statement is received.

Examples of past approved projects:

  • OneBlair student engagement and dialogue
  • Speakers and Microphones to support MBHS Marching Band
  • Horticulture gardening projects: urban, pollinator, vegetable, and aqua-phonic
  • Mini PCR (polymerase chain reaction) apparatus and melting pot apparatus
  • Video cameras for new English and ESOL elective, Lights, Camera, Literacy!
  • Guest speaker fees for the Town Hall Against Islamophobia
  • School-wide Indoor Soccer league tournaments
  • Laboratory supplies for Biology, Forensics and Horticulture classes
  • Culturally appropriate novels for ESOL 5 Students reading proficiency

Examples of items that cannot be covered by MiniGrants:

  • Hotel costs
  • Computer equipment intended for use by one individual
  • Private transportation
  • Costs for projects that already receive PTSA funding

MiniGrants Committee

The MiniGrants Committee is a standing PTSA committee bound by PTSA rules and regulations. Participation is open to all MBHS faculty, staff, parents and students. All committee members must be current PTSA members. Please send any inquiries to the 2019-20 Chairperson, Benjamin Frey. The responsibilities of the MiniGrants Committee include:

  • Submitting updated MiniGrants Guidelines to the PTSA Executive Board annually with application and award deadlines specified.
  • Assuring that up-to-date forms and information are available on the PTSA website.
  • Reviewing and evaluating every application, then determining as a committee the MiniGrant award and allocation recommendations to be submitted to the PTSA Executive Board.
  • Communicating with applicants on the status of their applications.
  • Processing grant award payments.
  • Promoting PTSA MiniGrants within the Blair community.
  • Submitting an end of the year report to the PTSA Executive Board.
  • Reviewing the MiniGrants Program annually and making modifications as needed.

Important 2019-2020 MiniGrants Dates

NOW!Online application available
Friday, September 27, 2019Application deadline with electronic submission by 11:59pm
MiniGrants Committee recommends awards & allocations
Award notification emails sent to applicants
Deadline to spend funds and submit reimbursement requests for 2019-2020 grants