Blair HS PTSA: Volunteer FYI

The primary goal of the Montgomery Blair High School Parent Teacher Student Association (Blair HS PTSA) is to support our school community. Finding volunteers to help us with our work, is just one of many ways we can continue to be there for Blair students, teachers, staff, families and supporters – all those who make us ‘One Blair’.


Types of Blair High School PTSA positions:

BOARD OFFICER: Becoming a Blair PTSA Board Officer is a great way to support and keep abreast of what is happening in the Blair High School Community. As a board officer, you would participate in meetings and attend select school events while helping the PTSA administer its work on behalf of the Blair community. Note: The Blair HS PTSA’s Board Officers (President, 1st VP/Advocacy; 2nd VP/Academic Affairs; 3rd VP/Administration; Treasurer and Secretary) are elected positions.

NON-OFFICER BOARD MEMBER: The PTSA also has ‘non-board officer’ volunteer opportunities available as a PTSA standing committee/board member (e.g., MCCPTA Delegates, Membership Committee Chair, AfterProm Committee Chair, Counseling Advisory Committee Chair, etc.). Note: The Blair HS PTA’s MCCPTA Delegates are elected positions.

AD-HOC COMMITTEE MEMBER: The PTSA has a variety of (non-board officer or board member) ad-hoc committee chair positions available that address specific work of the Blair HS PTSA and/or school community concerns (e.g. Blair Grant Writer, Special Needs Committee, International Night Committee, Fundraising Committee, etc.).

Please view our Volunteer Guide webpage for a complete list of our volunteer positions/descriptions (board officers, non-officer board members, ad-hoc committee members).

Volunteer Experience:

BACKGROUND OF BLAIR PTSA VOLUNTEERS: Our volunteers have had various skills and backgrounds (e.g., stay-at-home parents, part or full-time working parents, little-to-extensive volunteer experience, caregivers, retirees, non-Blair parent community members, Blair/MCPS staff persons, etc.). Therefore, we welcome all those who are interested and ready to support the Blair High School community.

Volunteer Schedule and Duties:

VOLUNTEER DUTIES: Though there are times that you might have to do volunteer tasks in-person at Blair High School and/or at a Blair HS event, most of your volunteer work would be done at home, online and at your convenience. In other words, being a Blair HS PTSA Volunteer is *not* a full or part-time job, just a few hours per month to be the eyes, ears and voice of the Blair PTSA membership and our school community. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION: If you are interested in a volunteer position and/or have questions, please Contact Us (select ‘I Want to Volunteer’ from the topic menu; complete/submit the message form). Please make sure to include the position(s) that you are interested in filling. We will respond ASAP!