Fundraising: Citrus Sale

The Blair Citrus Sale is a fundraiser for the Montgomery Blair High School Parent Teacher Student Association (Blair HS PTSA), which allows the PTSA to support many great activities/programs at Blair including MiniGrants, After Prom, and Staff Appreciation

The Citrus Sale takes place in the Fall (from mid-September to early November) with delivery/pick-up of fruit typically scheduled for the first weekend in December. Note: The PTSA earns approximately 50% from the price of the produce sold via the Citrus Sale. 

The Citrus Sale is not only a fundraiser, but also a Blair community activity: you can order fruit for yourself and/or on behalf of your co-workers, friends and family. You can even order fruit as a donation to Shepherd’s Table, an organization in Silver Spring helping the homeless with meals and other services

Please visit the Blair HS PTSA’s Leadership page to contact the Fundraising: Citrus Sale Committee Chair.