FYI: Maryland PTA Revived Under New Name (Free State PTA) Following Allegations of Mismanagement

Note: The Montgomery Blair High School PTSA (Blair HS PTSA), formerly a member of the Maryland PTA, is now a member of the Free State PTA, which is the new governing body of the PTA/PTSAs in the state of Maryland. If you have any questions, please contact the Blair HS PTSA Board Officers.

Text below is from the WBALTV news article ‘Maryland PTA returns under new name following allegations of mismanagement‘ (May 14, 2021).

It appears the Maryland Parent Teacher Association is back in business. It comes a little more than a month after it was stripped of its charter due to do allegations of mismanagement and criminal charges against the former president.

After almost a year of controversy, the Maryland PTA has been revived as Free State PTA. “It’s kind of exciting to be on the ground floor of a brand-new association that’s going to answer to membership,” said Jayne Lee, president of the Baltimore County Council PTA Inc.

Lee explained what it means for local PTAs. “They do own their name, they do own their (Employer Identification Number), and they are a separate corporation and they do not have to pay anyone to keep those names and numbers,” Lee said.

Local PTAs will also continue to have access to state resources, programs and training.

In a statement, the National PTA president said it remains committed to the success of all local and council PTAs in Maryland in bridging to the new state association, Free State PTA. Plans are in the works to hold a statewide PTA convention, which could come as early as the summer.

Text below is the ‘National PTA Statement for PTAs in Maryland‘ (May 14, 2021)

“A new entity called Free State PTA has been formed and is the only authorized state PTA constituency in Maryland. Local and council PTAs previously chartered by Maryland PTA will continue to be official PTAs under Free State PTA if that is the choice of their members. Their current Employer Identification Numbers will be maintained; they will be covered under a 501(c)(3) group exemption; they will continue to have the benefits of being part of the PTA network and brand; and they will continue to have access to resources, programs and trainings through Free State PTA and National PTA that make a difference for the education, health, safety, well-being and long-term success of children and families in their school communities. National PTA remains committed to the success of all local and council PTAs in Maryland in bridging to the new state association, Free State PTA. We also remain dedicated to supporting the needs of all students, families, schools and communities in Maryland, especially as our country continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal continues to be to ensure that all PTAs in the state are strong and healthy and to keep everyone focused on the mission of PTA: to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.”

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