MoCo Report: MCPS Segregation Exacerbates Student Achievement Disparities

Excerpts from the December 9, 2019 Bethesda Magazine article, ‘MCPS Segregation Exacerbates Student Achievement Disparities, Report Says‘.

The Montgomery County school system exacerbates student achievement disparities by concentrating its low-income students in a handful of schools, according to a county report.

The report, produced by the county’s Office of Legislative Oversight, says 75% of all black, Latino and English language learners in elementary school, and more than 80% of elementary school students in poverty, are enrolled in the district’s “focus,” or high poverty schools. Meanwhile, more than 66% of all white and Asian elementary students are enrolled in low-poverty schools.

Focus schools have high concentrations of students in poverty, but are not eligible for Title 1 funding, according to an MCPS spokesman.

“If MCPS’ campuses were not segregated by race, ethnicity, English proficiency, or income, half of each student subgroup would enroll in focus [and] non-focus schools,” the report says.