2016-17 Mini-Grant Awards

The MiniGrants Review Committee reviewed 35 grants and funded 33 grants from 15 different departments. All applicants were PTSA members at the time of the committee review. The total amount requested was $19,742.73. The committee recommended funding for $10,472. The review committee evaluated each grant application on its merit and recommended funding appropriate to our evaluation.

Note that there are only 32 grants listed below because two similar Fetal Pig Dissection grants were combined into one for cost savings.

Project TitleGroup NameBrief Project DescriptionBenefits whom?
Blair Interracial DialogueBlair Interracial DialogueExpansion of last year's week-long after school series of dialogues, talks, and workshops focusing on interracial issues.
Whole Blair community
Help the Hungry StudentsMedia CenterProvision of nutritious snacks for students who come to school hungry.
Any student that is in need of a snack
Academy AwardsAcademyAwards, certificates and small gifts for Academy Student of the Month, Capstone Presenters, Academy Ambassadors, and Senior Academy Award Recipients.
Academy students
Anti-Defamation League's A World of Difference prejudice reduction trainingNo Labels Diversity WorkshopSend 40 Blair students from diverse backgrounds to a two-day Anti-Defamation League "A World of Difference Prejudice Reduction" Train the Trainer workshop in November. The participants who are trained will be eligible to lead similar workshops in classrooms throughout Blair.

The 40 participants, students who attend the No Labels after school club, and students in classes throughout Blair who benefit from the trainings that can result from this initial training.
Making the Grade with Media Tools!Media CenterPurchase high quality Canon video cameras to enable the Media Center to support student learning and professional development.
All Blair students and staff
3D printing make the MakerSpaceMedia CenterProvide funds to support dedicated MakerSpace in the Media Center. Equipment/supplies needed include a high quality 3D printer as well as paper, scissors, glue, power tools, glue guns, and other materials necessary to create objects and projects.
All students at Blair
BLISS Buddies ExpansionBLISS Buddy ProgramContinuation of BLISS Buddies program from last year pairing 10-20 high-achieving language students with ESOL peers to enhance understanding and integration within Blair community.
ESOL students in Level 4
Quizbowl National TournamentIt's AcademicProvide funds to assist with Blair High School Quizbowl Team (AKA It's Academic) national tournaments registration.
Members of the quizbowl team. Good national spotlight for Blair community
National Chemistry WeekScience National Honor SocietyPurchase materials for the Science National Honor Society sponsored hands-on lab for all Chemistry students to make light sensitive paper for National Chemistry week.
Students in chemistry classes at Blair
Muslim Students Stand with BlairMedia CenterProvide funds to support Muslim Students Association (MSA) field trips, guest speakers and Town Hall against Islamophobia.
Muslim Students Association and whole school
Supplies for Science Olympiad EventsScience Olympiad Provide funds for Robotic Arm Edge, Hover Racer, Goggles and field guides to Rocks and Mineral needed to support Blair's Science Olympiad Teams. The 45 (3 teams of 15) current students and future teams.
Blair TEDx EventScience National Honor SocietyFunds to support the Science National Honor Society (SNHS) sponsored TEDx talks at Blair in the spring.
Blair students, parents, family members
DSLR Camera PurchaseBlair Network CommunicationPurchase DSLR camera for Blair Network Communications (BNC) to enhance video capture of sporting events and other Blair activities spotlighted on Infoflow.
All Blair Students
Screening of FencesEnglishFunds to support on-level English 11 student field trip to see the film Fences as a compliment to reading the text in class.
On-Level English 11 students (including Bridge & Inclusion)
Figure DrawingFine ArtsPurchase 16 miniature male and female mannequins (8 of each) and a full size skeleton for Studio Art 1,2, 3, & AP and Fashion Drawing and Design classes.Studio Art, Drawing and Design Students
Honoring Hispanic Heritage through History and Art Media CenterFunds to supports the installation of a temporary exhibit of some works of Diego Rivera in the Media Center during Hispanic Heritage Month.
Spanish, Art; US History, and some English classes
Lets Kick itPhysical EducationPurchase soccer balls so every student has one to use in PE class.
PE departments students
Fetal Pig DissectionSciencePurchase fetal pigs for dissection in AP Biology. Combine #19 and #24 and collaborated with #22 and #24 for reduced costs.
AP Biology
Inspiring ScientistsSciencePurchase books for science classrooms that connect students with scientists' struggles.Current and future science students
Urban Gardening ProjectsSciencePurchase gardening supplies and materials to build lighting structures in classrooms to support the new NGSS Urban Gardening curriculum for Biology. Current and future biology students
Animal DissectionSciencePurchase rats for dissection for all on-level and ESOL biology classes. Collaborated with #19 and #24 for reduced costsOn-level and ESOL biology students.
Sign Me Up!SciencePurchase signs or materials for students to make signs informing the school community about the science behind and importance of the native perennial garden, pollinator garden, vegetable garden, or a conservation gardens.
Snap CircuitsSciencePurchase Snap Circuit Kits for use in Physics and Chemistry Courses. Chemistry and Physics Students
Eco Aquaplorations!Science/HorticulturePurchase ECO-Cycle aquaphonics kit with grow lights and supplies to support ecocolumns and aquaculture investigations.
APES and horticulture students, possibly Biology students
Chemistry and Art ProjectScience/MagnetPurchase supplies (embossing machine, tags, metal foil) for use in new labs with anodizing metals, creating patinas, etching metal and photo-chemistry.
Chemistry students
Hour of Code ArduinosScience/MagnetPurchase 6 Arduino kits for use during "Hour of Code" events and on Computer Science Days.
Forensic science classes and students participating in computer science days and "Hour of Code" events
ScooterBotsSciencePurchase 5 ScooterBots kits help students learn principles of engineering and electric circuitry.
ESOL Physical Science students
Emmanuel Jal Artist in ResidenceSocial Studies, ESOL & EnglishFunds to support Emmanuel Jal to perform for and work with our students as an artist in residence for 1-3 days. Jal is a former child soldier from South Sudan and the author of the memoir War Child .
English, ESOL and Social Studies students
Special Education Eligibility Incentive Program Pizza PartySpecial Education DepartmentFunds to support incentive pizza party for special education department to reduce the number of ineligible students with IEPs.
Special education students who earn a GPA of 2.0 or higher at the end of the first semester
Blazers on Fire for Reading with KindleMedia CenterPurchase Kindle Fires for students who need accommodations in reading. The Kindle's app allows Media Center to nearly triple Blair's ability to provide audiobook content for students who need it. Blair students with IEP accommodations
Start ASL Online World Languages - ASLPurchase American Sign Language Teacher and Offline Class Packets.
All ASL students including those in the ASL Honor Society
SSS 3- Gala TheaterWorld LanguagesFunds to support ticket and transportation costs for SSS 3 students to see I Too Speak of the Rose, a play by Emilio Carbadillo that addresses morality, punishment, identity, class/social standing, family, adolescence, history, and change/revolution.
SSS 3 students