⭐ The Blinding of Isaac Woodard (PBS) – TELEVISION PROGRAM

HOW A HORRIFIC INCIDENT OF RACIAL VIOLENCE BECAME A POWERFUL CATALYST FOR THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT. Film Description In 1946, Isaac Woodard, a Black army sergeant on his way home to South Carolina after serving in WWII, was pulled from a bus for arguing with the driver. The local chief […]

⭐ ‘Day of Remembrance’ FACEism: A Discussion of History and Accountability (National Museum of American History) – VIRTUAL

Event Information Day of Remembrance – FACEism: A Panel Discussion of History and Accountability About this Event February 19 is the Day of Remembrance, the annual recognition of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s signing of Executive Order 9066 and the subsequent incarceration of nearly 120,000 people of Japanese descent living mostly […]

I Ain’t Marching Anymore: Dissenters, Deserters, and Objectors to America’s Wars (Politics & Prose) – VIRTUAL

This event will be streamed online as part of our P&P Live! Series. Join journalist Chris Lombardi as she discusses her book, I AIN’T MARCHING ANYMORE with Jonathan W. Hutto, Sr. on P&P Live! A sweeping history of the passionate men and women in uniform who have bravely and courageously […]

Meet Gail Gaspar, Author of ‘From Holocaust Trauma to Transformation’ (MCPL) – VIRTUAL

    Ms. Gaspar’s father survived Auschwitz and the brutal environment of the Mauthausen labor camp. Her memoir honors the past while unshackling from it and highlights a journey through loss with love. Join us in Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/93597270230 Or Dial In: 301 715 8592; Meeting ID: 935 9727 0230

Meet David Nasaw, Author of ‘The Last Million’ (New York Public Library) – VIRTUAL

The bestselling author and historian presents a sweeping new history that tracks the fates of the 1 million refugees left behind in Germany after WWII.  “The violence of war did not end with the signing of ceasefires, truces, or peace treaties,” writes David Nasaw in his new book. Millions of concentration camp […]

⭐ Radio Goes to War (Baltimore County Public Library) – VIRTUAL

World War II was the first war in history to receive almost continuous coverage on radio. This presentation examines how radio rose to the challenge of life during wartime, with sound clips from news broadcasts, presidential speeches, entertainment shows, programs designed to boost morale (both at home and among the […]

Meet Michael Dobbs, Author of ‘The Unwanted; America, Auschwitz and a Village Caught in Between’ (MCPL) – VIRTUAL or PHONE

Michael Dobbs, author of The NY Times best-seller One Minute to Midnight will discuss his book “The Unwanted; America, Auschwitz and a Village Caught in Between. This book which won the 2019 National Jewish Book Award, tells the story of several Jewish families desperately seeking American Visas to escape Nazi […]