Supporting Your Child’s Social Emotional Learning Through Leader in Me (MCPS Parent Academy) – VIRTUAL

Students, families, and communities may have experienced tremendous change and stress over the past year. More than ever, it is important to equip learners with skills that will allow them to successfully navigate life both inside and outside of school. Join us to learn about the Leader in Me and […]

⭐ Parent Panel: Where Do We Go from Here? Helping Families Adjust to Life in the Post Pandemic World (Baltimore County Public Library)- VIRTUAL

Our children are resilient, yet so much has changed and will continue to change. Wondering about the transition back to school, work and life for your children and how to prepare them for a successful transition? Our panelists offer guidance to help families deal with anxiety, fear and worry that […]

Depression and Feeling Good (New York Public Library) – VIRTUAL

Please join our webinar to learn about what you may be feeling, how to help others and how to grow and maintain joy and happiness in your life even during difficult times.  Learn how depression presents in older adults. How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the emotional well-being of older […]

⭐ CreateTEENS: Writing To Wellness Tuesdays (Prince George’s County Memorial Library) – VIRTUAL

Writing to Wellness is a discussion based workshop designed for writers to use poetry as a tool for healing when navigating trauma. Participants will learn helpful tips via discussion on how to navigate trauma through expressive forms of creative writing, how to advocate for others and how to build a […]

Unclutter, Declutter: Learn Best Ways to Downsize Your Home (MCPL) – VIRTUAL

Join presenters Lori James and Theresa Taylor as they give strategies, processes, and plans that will help reduce stress as you are in transition of downsizing your home or thinking about it. Join us for an informal and relaxed interactive discussion on all things related to decluttering and moving your […]

Meditation: A Tool to Balance Your Life (MCPL) – VIRTUAL

Join Gerry Gorman as he connects meditation to important aspects of our lives. It is now being recognized that the practice of meditation contributes to a more positive, healthy lifestyle. It is an invaluable tool helping people reduce stress and gain a deeper sense of fulfillment in life as well […]

⭐ Community Conversation: Children’s Mental Health Matters (Prince George’s County Memorial Library) – VIRTUAL

A weekly community conversation with civic and community leaders. This week, we speak with Tiffany Thomas, the Program Coordinator for the Maryland Children’s Mental Health Matters Campaign. Check LINK for virtual meeting information (information not posted as of 4/28/2021)