TeenHub: Python Programming Workshop (MCPL) – VIRTUAL

Join us to learn more about computer programming through fun lessons about Python and its applications, like designing games, graphics, and applets. The award-winning high school robotics team 5421 RM’d and Dangerous is hosting several interactive online programming lectures for middle to high-school students called TeenHub. Computer science is a flexible […]

John H. Glenn Lecture in Space History featuring NASA Associate Administrator Kathryn Lueders (Smithsonian Air and Space Museum) – VIRTUAL

Motivated by a belief that solving big problems leads to innovations that make life better for humanity, Kathryn Lueders has spent over the last decade of her career revolutionizing NASA’s approach to human space exploration. Tune in as Lueders, associate administrator of NASA’s Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, discusses […]

Where Are the Time Travelers? (Fairfax County Public Library) – VIRTUAL

Einstein’s theory of relativity suggests that time travel might be possible.  We consider why this is true, and how one might build a time machine.  We also consider the paradoxes involved with time travel and how they might be resolved. Presented by Dr. Robert Ehrlich, professor emeritus and former chair […]

NASA’s New Moon & Mars Rocket: The Space Launch System (Prince George’s County Memorial Library) – VIRTUAL

Log on to participate in an interview and discussion with former NASA contractor and engineer Leslie Day. Take part in a YouTube Live event with an interactive live chat feature. Q and A will be available throughout the presentation. Log in five minutes before the start time and look for […]

Scientific Racism: Is This an Oxymoron? (Fairfax County Public Library) – VIRTUAL

Despite efforts by anthropologists and biologists to temper the application of race labeling, it continues to thrive. What’s wrong and what’s right with the concept of race? Why does our society crave race categories? How do people confuse the recent use of DNA-based labeling systems with the scientific reality of […]

Take, Make, and Meet: Bridge Building for Ages 10-14 (MCPL) – VIRTUAL

Learn engineering principles behind bridge strength and compete in a virtual bridge-building exercise for ages 10-14. Space is limited to 20 participants ages 10-14. Supply kits will be provided. After registering, please visit the Kensington Park Library to pick up your kit(s). Register only if you are able to pick up […]

Live Tour of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Prince George’s County Memorial Library) – VIRTUAL

Ever wondered what it is like to visit NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California but have been unable to go in person? Here is your opportunity to do so! Log on to take a free, live, guided tour of the facility. Take part in a YouTube Live event […]