18 Tiny Deaths: The Untold Story of Frances Glessner Lee and The Invention of Modern Forensics (Baltimore County Public Library) – VIRTUAL

The story of a woman whose ambition and accomplishments far exceeded the expectations of her time, 18 Tiny Deaths follows the transformation of a young, wealthy socialite into the mother of modern forensics. Meet author Bruce Goldfarb, executive assistant to the Chief Medical Examiner for the state of Maryland, as […]

Through The Window and Into The Mirror: Narratives of African American STEM Professionals (African American History and Culture Museum) – VIRTUAL

The National Museum of African American History and Culture invites middle and high school students to join us as we explore careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Through the Window and into the Mirror is a video conversation series about the experiences of African American STEM professionals today. Students […]

Meet Dr. Rita Colwell, Author of ‘A Lab of One’s Own’ (MCPL) – VIRTUAL

Join us for A Lab of One’s Own with Dr. Rita Colwell. Rita Colwell is one of the top scientists in America: the groundbreaking microbiologist who discovered how cholera survives between epidemics and the former head of the National Science Foundation. But when she first applied for a graduate fellowship in […]

What Is A Planet? A Look At Mars, Pluto and Exoplanets (Fairfax County Public Library) – VIRTUAL

Join us on Zoom as Dr. Harold A. Geller presents one of the major questions of today: “What is the definition of a planet?”. In 2006 the International Astronomical Union (IAU) officially changed the definition. Pluto was no longer to be called a planet, but a dwarf planet. Dr. Geller will share […]

⭐ A Micro:bit of Coding for Teens (Enoch Pratt Free Library) – VIRTUAL

In this 2-week coding workshop for ages 12-18, we will learn how to program a mini microprocessor, creating a game and musical instrument. Participants will receive a free micro:bit processor to keep. **No coding experience is needed.** Meetings will be held on the Pratt Teens Discord server. Register here: WORKSHOP […]

Seeking The Invisible: Detecting Supermassive Black Holes in Space (Smithsonian Associates) – VIRTUAL

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION We know that monstrous black holes, one million to several billion times the mass of the sun, lurk in the centers of almost every large galaxy in the universe. They can have a profound effect on those galaxies and are capable of giving rise to the loudest gravitation […]

Four Lost Cities: A Secret History of The Urban Age (Politics & Prose) – VIRTUAL

In Four Lost Cities, acclaimed science journalist Annalee Newitz takes readers on an entertaining and mind-bending adventure into the deep history of urban life. Investigating across the centuries and around the world, Newitz explores the rise and fall of four ancient cities, each the center of a sophisticated civilization: the Neolithic […]

Live Astronomy Observation Party (Prince George’s Memorial Library) – VIRTUAL

Log on to participate in a virtual astronomical observing event with Mark Guillette, NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador. Weather permitting. Take part in a YouTube Live event with an interactive live chat feature. Q and A will be available throughout the livestream. Log in five minutes before the start time and […]