100 Years of Women Voting: 2020 Symposium ‘Race and Gender in Politics: The Last 100 Years’ (U.S. Capitol Historical Society) – VIRTUAL

Gaining the franchise was just the beginning. Join us for a series of discussions on the historic impact of women in American public life. About this Event The U.S. Capitol Historical Society invites you to attend its 2020 Annual Symposium, 100 Years of Women Voting. Over six weekly sessions, distinguished speakers will […]

Calvin Baker, Author of ‘A More Perfect Reunion: Race, Integration, and the Future of America’ – in conversation with Damon Young (Politics & Prose) – VIRTUAL

Calvin Baker is the author of four novels, including Grace and Dominion which was a finalist for the Hurston-Wright Award. He teaches in Columbia University’s Graduate School of the Arts, and has also taught in the English Department at Yale University, the University of Leipzig, where he held the Picador […]