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⭐ Saving and Investing For Women (MCPL) – VIRTUAL

Suzanne McGovern of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy will discuss how women can level the playing field through saving and investing. Women have unique financial considerations. There are certain realities  women must deal with–women are paid less than men, spend less time in the workforce, […]

⭐ Contemporary Conversations With Michelle Singletary, Washington Post Financial Columnist (MCPL) – VIRTUAL

Meet Michelle Singletary, prize-winning journalist and nationally syndicated personal finance columnist for The Washington Post. Michelle Singletary is well known for taking complicated financial terms and concepts and make them easy to understand. A frequent contributor to various NPR programs and a regular presence on all major networks, NBC, CBS, […]

⭐ Money Smarts For Adults (MCPL) – VIRTUAL

Join us for a FREE workshop on financial planning. Discussion topics will include identifying your own values, setting goals using the SMART framework, strategies for controlling external influences, and more. Presented by CAFE (Coalition for the Advancement of Financial Education) Montgomery. Join our Event Here: Or Dial In: 301 715 8592; […]

Investing For Women (MCPL) – VIRTUAL

Join us for a series of discussions with Suzanne McGovern, from the SEC’s Office of Investor Education. Topics include things you should know before investing, how to mitigate risk, investment products, how to choose an investment professional, special challenges to consider for women investors, how to protect your hard earned […]

Economic and Investment Outlook for 2021 and Beyond (New York Public Library) – VIRTUAL

Barbara Collins reviews current economic reports, investment market indicators, and the investment implications of each. The discussion covers economic growth, interest rates, market valuation indicators, and the possible impact of current events. Learn about the importance of maintaining a diversified portfolio. Presented by SIFMA Click here to register     About the […]

Saving & Investing 101 (MCPL) – VIRTUAL or PHONE

Learn about stocks, bonds, and mutual fund investing Come meet with an employee of the Office of Investor Education and Advocacy, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and learn about saving and investing! Learn the basics of investing at Saving & Investing 101 – with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of […]

Understanding Mutual Funds & ETFs (New York Public Library) – VIRTUAL

Erika Safran, CFP® discusses the basics of investing in mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and shows you how they fit in your portfolio. The discussion includes • The differences between the two and how both investments help you to diversify your investments • How to select and combine fund investments to create […]