Running for Office 101: The Fundamentals (Enoch Pratt Free Library) – VIRTUAL

Are you interested or curious about running for elected office but not sure where to start? Are you a community member, leader, local party chair or volunteer? Running for office is a huge decision that takes a lot of consideration and time commitment, but if you care about your community, […]

Conversation With Professor Ron: Are You A Citizen, or Are You A Consumer? (Enoch Pratt Free Library) – VIRTUAL

Many people believe being a citizen means paying your taxes, obeying the laws, and casting a ballot every four years. But is that all we really ought to do, transact with America like a consumer?  AS a citizen we have a GREATER invitation! We have many more RIGHTS, and frankly obligations, that enable us […]

? March 16th: Blair HS PTSA General Body/Membership Meeting

The next Montgomery Blair High School PTSA General Body/Membership meeting will be held virtually/online on Tuesday, March 16, 2021 from 6-8 pm. TOPICS: Upcoming Blair HS PTSA Elections and administrative updates from Blair High School.

Processing the Ongoing Election Events: A Space for Grace (MCPS Parent Academy) – VIRTUAL

Join us for a time dedicated to slowing down the pace of current events and allowing ourselves time to process the ever-evolving state of our political discourse using culturally-relevant discussion tools. This session will be facilitated by staff from the MCPS Student Well-Being and Achievement team. Advanced registration is required […]