Fundraising: Snider’s Receipts

Local businesses such as the Snider’s Super Foods grocery store in Silver Spring, Maryland partner with Montgomery County Public Schools to provide rewards that go directly to MCPS schools, which includes Blair High School! For every Snider’s receipt that the Blair PTSA collects from the Blair Community (parents, teachers, neighbors, etc.), Snider’s donates 1% of the total sales (amount from the received receipts) to Blair High School. That means for every dollar spent at Snider’s, the Blair PTSA receives a 1% check in support of Blair High School.

Usually, the Sniders’ Fundraising program takes place between September and December, since the PTSA has to submit the receipts to Snider’s by the end of January of each year.

Please view the Blair PTSA’s ‘Volunteer Opportunities‘ webpage for more information about the above program and the open/vacant Committee Chair position.