Blair PTSA Volunteer Opportunities

Below is a list of Montgomery Blair High School PTSA volunteer opportunities for the 2020-2021 school year.

We welcome all those who are interested and ready to support the Blair High School Community, whether it’s as a Blair PTSA board officer, board member or ad-hoc committee chair! For an overview about volunteering for the Blair PTSA click here, then read below about how you can sign-up!

If you are interested in any of the positions below and/or have any questions, please contact the Blair PTSA Nominating Committee (Ben Bond-Lamberty, Lisa Finkelstein and Angelia Levy/Chair) at


Volunteer Recruitment Process:


Blair PTSA Board Officer and MCCPTA Delegate nominees a) must be a member of the Blair PTSA and b) must have their names submitted for X-positions to the Blair PTSA Nominating Committee in order to be considered for said positions.

Note: Blair High School PTSA Board Officer and MCCPTA Delegate positions are one-year terms. An officer nor Delegate can not exceed two consecutive terms in the same position. Please read the PTSA’s bylaws (Article VI and VII) for more information about board officer positions, duties).

  • When submitting yourself as a nominee OR to nominate someone else for a Board Officer or MCCPTA delegate position: Though the initial deadline (June 1, 2020) has passed to submit your name as a board officer or MCCPTA Delegate nominee, you can still nominate yourself or someone else at the PTSA’s next in-person membership meeting (date to be determined) in which we’ll hold the Blair PTSA’s ‘Board Officers and Delegates Elections’.
  • The PTSA’s Board Officers and MCCPTA Delegate Elections: Please read the PTSA’s bylaws (Article VI Section 3) for details about the PTSA’s board officers’ nomination process. NOTE: Due to the closing of Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the new election date has yet to be determined. The Maryland PTA (in which the Blair HS PTSA is a member) stated in an April 17, 2020 message that local PTA/PTSA “elections may not be held virtually and must be postponed until a general meeting is held.” Once the Blair HS PTSA is able to hold an in-person general body/membership meeting, we will set a date for the Board Officer and Delegate Elections.


There are several board member positions available across a variety of PTSA interests/needs. Unlike the Blair PTSA’s Board Officer positions, Blair PTSA Board Members 1) do not have to go through the nomination and election process and 2) are not term-limited. However, interested Board members are required to be a member of the Blair PTSA. Please read the PTSA’s bylaws (Article VIII) for details regarding the duties/responsibilities of Board Members. The PTSA will recruit for these positions until they are filled.


The Ad-Hoc Committee Chair positions that are available reflect a variety of the PTSA’s interests/needs. These are non-voting Blair PTSA positions that do not require interested volunteers to go through a nomination/election process. Furthermore, the positions are not term-limited. However, Ad-hoc Committee Chair volunteers are required to be members of the Blair PTSA. These committees serve at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The PTSA will recruit for these positions until they are filled.

Board Officers/Board Members

Officiates as the Chief Executive Officer of the PTSA. Chairs Board and general meetings and oversees the PTSA’s fiscal compliance and adherence to its bylaws. Serves as a liaison with school administrators and community partners. Checks in regularly with officers and committees to ensure the overall plans and management of the PTSA. Familiarizes him/herself with all PTA programs and resources; identify challenges and invites solutions. Represents PTSA to the community. Recruits volunteers from the Blair HS community. Volunteers at events, when available.Board of Directors
Vice President (Advocacy)

Presides in the absence of the President; serves as an aide to the President in coordinating advocacy efforts of the PTSA, and performs such other duties as he/she may be assigned by the President. In the President’s absence, the Vice President - Advocacy represents the PTSA and in the event of vacancy in the office of the President, the Vice President - Advocacy assumes the role of the President.

Board of Directors
Vice President (Academic Affairs)Presides in the absence of the President and the Vice President - Advocacy and serves as an aide to the President by coordinating the programs and initiatives that support the academic success for all students at Blair High School. He/she will coordinate the work, along with the Chairs of PTSA Committees that focus on student academics and support. The Vice President - Academic Affairs performs other duties as he/she may be assigned by the President.Board of Directors
Vice President (Administration) Serves as an aide to the President by coordinating with the Treasurer and Membership Chair on administrative and financial requirements of the PTSA. He/she coordinates the work, along with the Chairs of the Membership Committee and all fundraising committees. The Vice President - Administration performs such other duties as he/she may be assigned by the President. Presides in the absence of the President, the Vice President - Advocacy and the Vice President - Academic Affairs.Board of Directors
Treasurer Manages the budget of the PTSA by keeping accurate records and submitting written financial statements for PTSA meetings. Prepares and monitors the annual budget. Ensures an audit, financial review, or compilation is done in accordance with the bylaws. Prepare state-level and annual filings and reports as part of the PTSA’s financial records. Oversee proper handling of money, such as ensuring money is collected, counted, recorded, and deposited promptly and appropriately. Ensure financial checks and balances are in place at all times.Board of Directors

Keep accurate record of meetings, which become part of the permanent history of the PTSA. Work with the President to create a meeting agenda. Send out meeting announcements, agendas, and supporting documents. Take attendance and checking for quorum (minimum number of members who must be present to conduct business at a meeting) during voting. Present draft minutes of the previous meeting, making any corrections and ensuring approved minutes are included in the PTSA’s permanent record. Take minutes, including counting and recording any votes.

Board of Directors
MCCPTA Delegates/Board Members
MCCPTA Delegate (A)Attend and represent the PTSA at the monthly MCCPTA (Montgomery County Council of PTAs) meetings. Serve as a link between the MCCPTA and the PTSA by participating in MCCPTA Delegates Assemblies, working with Cluster Coordinators and Area Vice Presidents, and share information between the two organizations.Board of Directors
MCCPTA Delegate (B)Attend and represent the PTSA at the monthly MCCPTA (Montgomery County Council of PTAs) meetings. Serve as a link between the MCCPTA and the PTSA by participating in MCCPTA Delegates Assemblies, working with Cluster Coordinators and Area Vice Presidents, and share information between the two organizations.Board of Directors
Standing Committee Chairs/Board Members
After Prom Committee ChairCoordinates the AfterProm Program (an event held *after* the Prom), which provides a safe, alcohol/drug-free environment for Blair HS students to enjoy their late-night-to-early-morning outing. Duties involve the following: recruiting 'AfterProm' volunteers, decorations, contracting w/vendors for activities, set-up, clean-up, etc.Board of Directors
Counseling Advisory Committee ChairCoordinates with the Blair High School Counseling Department as the counselors plan programs and events throughout the school year. Board of Directors
Membership Committee ChairRecruit Blair High School parents and community members to become engaged members of the Blair PTSA. As part of the Blair PTSA’s efforts to recruit new members, it holds membership drives and membership engagement events to increase the visibility of the PTSA while also promoting its work to the Blair Community.Board of Directors
MiniGrants Committee ChairManages the MiniGrants program which funds innovative, informative and inspirational projects for Blair High School students that go above and beyond traditional opportunities.Board of Directors
Nominating Committee ChairManages the annual recruitment, nomination and election process of the Board Officers (President, Vice Presidents, Treasurer and Secretary) for the PTSA’s Board of Directors. May also assist with the recruitment of volunteers for other Board and Committee positions.Board of Directors
ParliamentarianMaintains copies of current governing documents - bylaws, standing rules, policies and parliamentary authority. Provides guidance to members and board members on issues outlined in governing documents.Ensures that the PTSA meets all requirements of its affiliations with the local, state and national PTA organizations. Advises the president on points of parliamentary procedure. Maintains a position of impartiality and does not make motions, enter debate or vote.
Board of Directors
Student Government Association Representative Attends Blair PTSA meetings as a student representative of the Blair High School Student Government Association. Provides information and input to the Blair PTSA in regards to the Blair High School student population. Note: This is a 'Blair HS Student' position.Board of Directors
Ad-Hoc Committees
African American Student Achievement Chair
Assist Blair High School with its programs and activities that are geared towards helping its African American students achieve academic success during and beyond their tenure at Blair High School. Ad-Hoc Committee
Blair Grant WriterResearch, write and submit applications for grants from local and state foundations, organizations, businesses and government agencies for funds to help support the work of the PTSA. Ad-Hoc Committee
Fundraising ChairManage several fundraising programs (Citrus Sale, Direct Appeal, Snider’s Receipts, etc.) which support Blair PTSA and Blair High School activities and events such as MiniGrants, After Prom and Staff Appreciation.Ad-Hoc Committee
Fundraising: Direct Appeal ChairCoordinate the PTSA's annual fundraising appeal in which a direct appeal/request is usually made to the Blair Community (parents, teachers, community supporters, businesses, etc.) to make a financial donation towards the Blair PTSA and/or Blair High School for the school year.Ad-Hoc Committee
Fundraising: Painless Fundraising ChairAdminister the Painless Fundraising Program in which fundraising is done via marketing to and recruiting the Blair High School Community to enroll their store credit card(s) with a business’ education program designed to support public schools.Ad-Hoc Committee
Fundraising: Snider's ChairManage the Snider’s Receipts Fundraising program, in which the Blair PTSA collects Snider Grocery Store receipts from the Blair Community (parents, teachers, neighbors, etc.) so that Snider’s will donate 1% of the total sales (amount from the received receipts) to Blair High School. Ad-Hoc Committee
International Night ChairAssist Blair High School with its ‘International Night’ Event, which invites Blair families to share elements of their culture, ethnicity or state/regional/district origins with other members of the school community. It is a Potluck-style (food) event which involves storytelling, dance, arts and crafts to celebrate the various heritages that make up our community.Ad-Hoc Committee
Special Needs Chair
Work with Blair High School’s Special Education Department to help its families with children/students who have special needs via community meetings, programs and events. Besides providing Blair Special Needs families the opportunity to meet with other parents in similar circumstances, we strive to address their questions and concerns so that they can engage more readily with the Blair school community.Ad-Hoc Committee
Staff Appreciation (Co-Chair)
Coordinate events and programs to help the Blair HS Community show its support Blair HS staff how much we value and appreciate them via such events as 'Staff Appreciation Week' and specialty breakfast and lunches.
Ad-Hoc Committee
Volunteer Coordinator ChairAssist the PTSA as a whole, and Committee Chairs specifically, with recruiting volunteers (e.g. parents, staff, students, community supporters) throughout the year to support the various PTSA events. He/she also keeps parents and families informed about PTSA and Blair High School volunteer opportunities and responsibilities. Ad-Hoc Committee